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This week a starving Husky with a horrendous skin and eye infection was seen on the streets of Tunis. People were ignoring the poor dog desperately looking for food and help.

Thanks to the power of social media, one of our wonderful RANA volunteers saw these heartbreaking photos posted by a concerned passerby on a local Tunisian animal rescue group and knew if she didn’t act this dog would die a slow death, or be shot.

Meriam searched the streets and thankfuly found the sweet, very lucky girl, bringing her home where she already has well over 50 street animals in her home.

Bella is described as being ‘just perfect’, she is gentle and kind and now needs us all to fight for her.

Bella already has a large vet bill waiting to be paid with many more to follow.

Plus when she is stronger and her skin condition has healed, she will need the usual vaccinations, microchip and hopefully if someone wants to adopt her, contributions to her travel fund.

We are now looking for kind people to sponsor Bella to be a part of her rescue journey. Please consider donating any amount towards Bella's rescue bills and stay tuned for more photo updates on here over the next few weeks.

Bella with a lead! A huge step towards being a pet dog

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