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Collection of lucky North African animals who were saved and are now living the dream, loved and safe in their new homes! 

Flora Jada and Mimi

FLORA, JADA AND MIMI Adopted by Emily Flora 2023 Mimi and Jada 2021

Blue from Hannah

BLUE (Formerly Mr Big) Adopted by Hannah in 2023 and happily living in Lincolnshire

Otis by LUcy

OTIS Adopted by Lucy and happily living in Devon

Minnie (amina) from alex

MINNIE (formerly Amina) Adopted by Alex in 2023 and living happily in Surrey

Delice Erica

DÉLICE Adopted by Erica in 2022 and now living happily in Edinburgh

Miso and Nori from Jess

MISO AND NORI Adopted by Jess and living happily in Newcastle

Roger from Polly

ROGER Adopted by Polly

Maya and Diva from Angela

MAYA AND DIVA Adopted by Angela

WILF AND MIMO Adopted by Katie in 2022


HUGO He was adopted by Caroline in 2020 and now lives happily in Buckinghamshire.

IMG_2771 2

LUNA (formally Cerise) She was adopted in 2020 by Janette and loves her muddy walks.

crumpet 2

CRUMPET Was adopted in 2019 and now happily living in London


TRINA Lives in Hampshire after being adopted in 2020, where she gets cuddles all day with her new mum Louise.


Layla Now living a happy life with her new owner Tamsin after being adopted in 2020.


SOFI She was adopted by Judith in 2020 and now lives in Middlesex.


OOLONG (formally Stevie) Lives in a loving family home after being adopted in 2020 by Tania.


TEDDY This sweet little guy was adopted in 2020 by Sasha and now lives in Middlesex.


LUCY Lives in Middlesex after being in adopted in 2019. She is a very affectionate cat, always wanting cuddles with her owners!


LOUNA Adopted in 2020, she now lives in High Wycombe with her owner Debbie.

jalila lilah

LILAH Lives in Kent

Fanta now marcy_edited

MARCY Living in Berkshire after being adopted in 2019


FRED Adopted with Beau and Calvin and living in Derbyshire together


BEAU Adopted with Calvin and Fred and living in Derbyshire together


CALVIN Adopted with Beau and Fred and living in Derbyshire together


ELLIE Lives in Hampshire


BETTY Lives in London


AMY Lives in Paris


BILLY Adopted in 2019 and now living in London


IVY Adopted with Grace in 2019 and lives in Cambridgeshire


GRACE Adopted with Ivy in 2019 and lives in Cambridgeshire


GAIA Was adopted in 2019 and now lives in Lincolnshire

Luna and Percy

LUNA AND PERCY Living together in London after being adopted in 2019

joe 3_edited

JOE Lives in Worcestershire and was adopted in 2019


TERRY Lives in Berkshire


SIMBA Adopted in 2019 and now lives in Sussex


OREO Living in Sussex


LUCKY Living in Surrey


LEON Lives in Buckinghamshire after being adopted in 2019


MERLIN Lives in Sussex after being adopted in 2019

Leo 2

LEO Adopted in 2019 and now lives in London


TUFFY Lives in Surrey


LUNA Adopted in 2019

Star and Zina

STAR AND ZINA Adopted together in 2019 and live in Sussex


MURPHY Adopted in 2019 and now lives in Buckinghamshire


MONIA Living in Bedfordshire after being adopted in 2019


JAY Adopted in 2019

Toutou 2_edited

TOUTOU Living in Surrey


TIGGER Lives in Middlesex


MAGGIE Lives in Bedfordshire after being adopted in 2018

Cary Elsa_edited

ELSA Lives in London after being adopted in 2018

Benni 3

BENNI Adopted in 2018 and lives in Scotland


TALLULAH Lives in London


KHEERA Lives in Hertfordshire

Grisette Hermione_edited

HERMIONE Adopted in 2018 and now lives in Dorset

Clementine Cleo_edited

CLEO Living in Berkshire

Freya and Nooka

FREYA & NOOKA Were adopted in 2018 and live in London

Ethel Evie_edited

EVIE Lives in Hertfordshire

Mitchi Kali 2_edited

KALI Living in Hampshire


ARTHUR Living in North Yorkshire


PAIGE Lives in London

Dottie Patsy_edited

PATSY Lives in Worcestershire

Roukinet Rocky

ROCKY Lives in Gloucestershire


ROCKY Adopted in 2018

Nina Nugget_edited

NUGGET Lives in Hampshire

Nacho Charlie 4_edited

CHARLIE Now lives in Worcestershire

Tigra Stevie_edited

STEVIE Now living in London

Mira Jessie_edited

JESSIE Lives in Buckinghamshire

Dina 2_edited

DINA Lives in London

Lola and Sidney_edited

LOLA AND SIDNEY Live in Surrey

Darcie Smokey_edited

SMOKEY Living in London

Bandit Monty_edited

MONTY Lives in Buckinghamshire

Kaya Delilah_edited



ELIZA Lives in Essex

Aubrey Smudge_edited

SMUDGE Lives in London


CHASE Lives in East Sussex

Kiki Pacha 2_edited

PACHA Adopted in 2018 and now living in Worcestershire


MANCHEGO Adopted in 2018 and living in Worcestershire


VINNY Adopted in 2018 and now living happily in North Yorkshire

Reno Riley_edited

RILEY Now lives in Middlesex

Estella Pushkin_edited

PUSHKIN Was adopted in 2018 and lives in Surrey


TRIXIE Lives in Devon after being adopted in 2018

Dino Blondinet 3

DINO Lives in London


BORIS Now lives in Cheltenham after being adopted in 2018


AUTUMN Lives in Essex after being adopted in 2018

Rania 2_edited

RANIA Lives in Hertfordshire


BIMBA Adopted in 2018 and living in Berkshire

Perry 2

PERRY Was adopted in 2018 and lives in Gloucestershire

Phenici Mia

MIA Adopted in 2018 and now living in Kent


WENDY Adopted in 2018 and now lives in Scotland

Kiss Erik_edited

ERIK Living in Surrey after being adopted in 2018










NINETTE Ninette moved to the UK about a month ago after living on the streets and escaping attempts from neighbours to poison her. She is an incredibly sweet cat with a habit of pulling your arm in for cuddles. Now Ninette lives in Gloucester with a wonderful family.


PETIT AND WHODINI Whodini, named after his unusual sleeping habits and tendency to appear out of nowhere, and Petit, rescued from a car as a kitten and small enough to fit into his owner's hand, came as a bonded pair over to the UK. They have a great life now, enjoying lots of cuddles from friends, family, and each other.


RICKY Ricky loves affection and spending time with people, especially when that involves exercise! In the past, Ricky has had problems with his weight which is why he became such a skinny little guy. Now, though, that's a distant memory. With a loving family in the UK he's starting to beef up and enjoy a stable, permanent home. It's what every dog deserves!


BEN Ben lived with a family until he became injured and handicapped. They didn't want to pay his vet bills, so he was then given to foster care. Thankfully, they took him to the vets where he was given treatment for his leg problems and started to make a recovery. ​ While he retains a limp, he can walk, run, and play again and still has a friendly, happy-go-lucky nature. Ben is now happily adopted in the UK, enjoying all the love that this little ball of fluff deserves.


MALEK Malek was found running along a dirt track in the middle of nowhere - clearly his owners had just dumped him out of their car. Luckily Sara from the shelters out there found him and took him to a foster home - he was too little and gentle for a shelter! He's a very happy little chappie now, loving life in a Brighton town house!


NAWESS Nawess is a gorgeous guy, found on the streets of Tunis with an infected paw that had to be amputated. That doesn't stop him one bit though! Safely adopted into a loving home, Nawess now enjoys all the best bits of life with a big garden and comfy sofas.


AVA Ava was dumped in the bin as a kitten and left to die. Heartbreakingly, it took a while for our rescuers to have the resources to take her in, but eventually she was saved. She was starving, full of fleas, and shaking with terror. Now, Ava lives in Italy. Things couldn't be more different for her, with a loving home, good food, and a safe place to sleep every night.


RABBANE Rabbane was living comfortably in Tunisia her whole life until her owner had to leave the country. Sadly, said owner was looking at putting Rabbane to sleep, instead of getting her rehomed, until our rescuers stepped in. Luckily, we got this lovely dog a great new home. They shower her with love and she definitely returns the favour!


CLEO Cleo suffered horrid burns when living in Tunisia and had to be transported to the UK after the treatments in Tunisia failed. She received a much needed skin graft and, to everyone's joy, a brilliant home! Now, it's hard to imagine that Cleo is the same cat we first saw. She's healthy, happy, and loves roaming around in her new garden.


MARZOUK Marzouk was found on the streets with a leg so badly infected that it had to be amputated. After being stuck in an overcrowded shelter, he found it impossible to be adopted in Tunisia because of his leg. We new we had to get him out, and with the help of some amazing people we got him to the UK where he now lives with an unbelievable family. He has a gentle soul and such a happy nature despite all his suffering, so it's an absolute joy to see him having another shot at life.


DIANA Diana was rescued off the streets in Tunisia, found in a very bad way. That life is a thing of the past, though, with an incredible life in the UK now. Diana is all big smiles, and it's thanks to the hard work from everyone involved in her journey (and Diana for her own persistence!).


PIPER Piper was born in the UK to her Tunisian mother we rescued, keeping her safe off the streets and far away from gunmen. Now, Piper has an amazing home in a house that backs onto a forest - perfect for exploring and stretching her inquisitive mind!


DEXTER Dexter, formerly Clarkey, now has a lovely life in the UK! He chews up everything in site, loves ice cubes, and even has his own instagram account! That's one much loved pup.


HATTIE Hattie was born to her Tunisian mother, Lottie, in the UK. It's thanks to Lottie being in the UK that Hattie and her siblings survived, and we're happy to reveal that her life and gone up, and up, and up since then. Hattie lives in an extraordinary home with owners that still support our cause. She enjoys tummy tickles, good food, and being a handsome little devil.


GRAND Grand was rescued off the streets in Tunisia just before gunmen had the chance to kill him. Now, this lovely chap lives in London with another of our Tunisian dogs, Koko. A massive thanks go out to everyone involved in giving him another chance at life, Grand would hug you himself if he could!


SOMBEL Sombel's story breaks our heart a little. He was found with giant wounds all over his body after someone threw hot oil on him, scarring him for life. Afterwards he was put into an overcrowded shelter where he struggled to get enough food to eat amongst the more dominant dogs. Thanks to everyone's hard work and donations we found a home for Sombel, and he couldn't be happier!


ZAZA Meet Zaza. All adoptions are special to us, but this one was something else. Zaza was found on a construction site with her puppies and a damaged front paw. None of that stopped her from being full of life - she literally smiles when she sees people! To our pure delight, she now lives in an amazing home in the UK.


COOKIE We believe Cookie was once a house dog, but probably chucked out on the street once he got sick. He was found with severe malnutrition and with a skin disease, but with tender love and care he was nursed back to full health. Now, Cookie is a gorgeous, playful character, who's clearly still a puppy at heart. He enjoys a brilliant life in the UK, all thanks to our wonderful team, donors, and his great new family.


TIGRA Tigra was found with her dyed by her owners, trying to sell her at a pet market. Luckily, her rescuers got her just in time and took her as a puppy to a shelter. Eventually, to all of our delight, Tigra became the first of our animals to be adopted in Slovenia! She's loving life there now, and we couldn't be happier for her.


TILLY Tilly is a sweet, sweet dog who ended up in a shelter after being rescued on the street. Her lovely spirit and playful personality now makes a great companion to her new owners in Barnes, tucking into great food, enjoying scenic walks, and sitting on comfy sofas.


HUGO Hugo - doing his best cinnamon roll impersonation in this photo - was rescued from Libya and first flown to Tunisia for medical care. Once fit to travel, he made his way to the UK. He racked up a lot of medical bills for our team, but it was all worth it! Hugo has brought so much joy into his owners' lives, and it's amazing to see him get a second chance at life.


SELMA Selma was rescued from Libya a few years ago, unwanted and unloved because of her missing eye. Now, she uses her good eye to look lovingly at her new owners in the UK. They give her cuddles, plenty of food, and have made her past a distant memory.


SHEBA Sheba was found by the side of the road hit by a car. Luckily, a very nice lady saved her and took her to the vets. Once she was strong enough to travel, she made her journey to the UK where an amazing home awaited her! Now, Sheba has a huge garden to run around, a lovely sofa to lie on, and a place to call home.


SUKI Suki was rescued from the streets along with her best bud Charlie by one of our fantastic rescuers, Frank. He loved them a lot but knew he had to go, such was the way with their foster parents as well! Eventually Suki ended up with a lovely, lively home, where she enjoys joining them on walks, playing fetch and hunting in the garden. She's still a cat, we swear...


OLIVE Olive is drop-dead-gorgeous. Sometimes we wonder whether she fell from heaven onto the beach where she was rescued; with a gentle and affectionate personality that makes her fantastic with cats and children. She arrived at her new home in the UK just in time for Christmas and has been loving it ever since.


ALPHA AND BETA Alpha and Beta were found at just a few weeks old, left on the streets to die along with their brother. Sadly, he didn't make it. But these two made a swift recovery after being fed and loved by our wonderful rescuers. They live in the UK with Elspeth now, bringing great joy to her life and getting up to all sorts of mischief.


TOFFEE Toffee may just be the darned cutest dog we've come across in our time (don't tell the others!). Everyone involved in his journey has fallen in love with his sweet and sensitive personality and beautiful eyes, especially his new owners who fell head over heels right away! His rough life on the streets is now a distant memory, and Toffee couldn't have wished for a better life than his one now. To everyone's surprise he's become a bit of a giant (more for his new owners to love!).


YASMINE Yasmine was found in a terrible way on the street, missing half of her leg and bleeding profusely. Luckily she made a full recovery, healing and beefing up with the help of her fosterers and wonderful vets. Now, Yasmine lives with her wonderful owner and enjoys sleeping wrapped around her neck and waking her up with nose-licks in the morning!


LILI Lili and her two surviving puppies were rescued from a very dangerous construction site, surrounded by chemicals and hostile construction workers. She was a special one for us, taking pity on her even though our bank balance was very, very unhappy with it. Now it's all paid off! Lili has a wonderful life in Yorkshire and no longer has to live in fear. She's a gentle dog who loves all forms of affection, and has been a real blessing to her owners!


PECAN Pecan, formerly Mary, was found shot in the street in a very, very bad condition. Thanks to some intensive care from the vets and her fosterers, Pecan made a full recovery. With a wonderful life in the British countryside, Pecan's faith in humanity is returned. She has become a wonderfully playful and affectionate dog, one who loves her new owners just as much as they love her.


LUCA Luca was found on the street, chased by a woman with a brick who had the intention of killing him. After being taken off the street into foster care, that same night the police went around and shot the dogs in the neighbourhood. His luck continued to last, eventually being adopted in the UK to a wonderful family.


TOUTA Touta is a beautiful, gentle cat, who now enjoys life in West London. She gets plenty of cuddles, kisses, and time to play. Although she hasn't explicitly told us (there are a few language barriers to work through), we think Touta couldn't be happier!


BELLA AND SOUNA This was a special adoption. Both blind from a young age, they lived in a bathroom for their first few years, after being found on the street, with only each other for company. To our delight they found a wonderful home together after being separated for a while and now get tonnes of attention, cuddles, and toys.


GOLD Gold was found scavenging for food on the streets, lacerations around his neck and blind from diabetes. With a good diet, his wonderful rescuers managed to bring back some of his vision. Now this gorgeous boy is loving life in the UK. He is a gentle giant, enjoying cuddles with his owners and their grandchildren alike.


ANNIE AND TRIXIE Annie and Trixie, a bonded pair, were found on the street as feral cats in a terrible condition. Although they needed work being rehabilitated and socialised, they eventually found a wonderful new home in Rutland and have become playful, affectionate cats.


TINA Tina has big smiles and an even bigger heart. That heart has suffered in the past, though. Found as a puppy on the streets and then adopted by a Tunisian couple. One day they dropped her off at a boarding home and told them they wouldn't be picking her up. Now she has a wonderful home in the British countryside with a family that definitely won't be abandoning. Congratulations Tina!


JACK Jack, formerly known as Shane, was saved by one of our rescuers, Sarah, as a kitten. He was a tiny, scrappy little thing when found on the street but that didn't stop him from worming his way into Sarah's heart with his affectionate and playful personality. Now, this little guy lives in the UK. He's earned the nickname 'sticky cat' because he loves the company of people so much, and will follow his new family around wherever they go.

ROSE Rose was found stuck between the ground and the wheel of a car crying for help. It took over an hour for her rescuer - with the help of others - to save her. After taking her home she revealed herself to be a sweet and friendly cat, who is now enjoying a fantastic life in the UK.


WILF Found hobbling on a Tunisian street, his rescuer quickly realised he had been severely beaten and left for dead. With the help of RANA’s rescuers and Wilf’s adorable big brown eyes, after a few short weeks he made a full recovery and was back to himself! Although he had to wait patiently for his chance to be brought to the UK and fostered, he was eventually picked up by Rachael, who after searching for the right dog met Wilf and they became instantly inseparable.

Michou (5)



MISSY Missy was found as a scrawny little kitten on the streets of Tunisia. Her gentle and loving nature made everyone along the way fall in love with her, eventually ending up in permanent adoption with her fosterer in the UK who was delighted when her planned adoption fell through. Missy enjoys a wonderful life with an amazing owner in West London. She has a quirky personality and great crossed eyes, making her a joy to be around.



mr salam2





PADDY Paddy, formerly Pat, was found by one of our rescuers scared, lost, and starving. He was nursed back to health and worked his way into his fosterer's heart, but ultimately she had to let him go to make room for more cats that needed fostering. Now, Paddy gets to enjoy a large garden, great trees to climb, massive hugs, and warm laps to sleep on. The UK is treating him well!


LUDO Ludo was brutally separated from his mum as a kitten and thrown onto the street as his owners couldn't stand him. Luckily for this little guy, we had Diane in London waiting to adopt a black and white cat. It couldn't be a more perfect match - Ludo and Diane are now best buds.






NINJA Ninja was rescued as a kitten off the streets of Sousse and overlooked for years. Eventually he found a wonderful family who already had a couple of our Tunisian pets. They moved to the French countryside with him where Ninja enjoys stunning vistas, gorgeous wine, and French cheese (ok, maybe not the last two).




COCO Coco was found on the streets as a kitten, hobbling on three paws after getting a fraction in her fourth. It never healed, but Coco has never let that stop her! Her playful and affectionate nature now make a great companion to her new family in the UK, and she even has a new best friend in Tiss the cat!






HERMES Hermes was found on the street as a kitten with an infected eye. Sadly, it never healed and he lost sight in that eye. After being taken into foster care he became stressed at the number of cats taking up his space, so we new we had to help him out. Now the past is a distant memory for Hermes. He's never let his partial sight getting in the way of exploring his new territory in Leicestershire and lives quite a charmed life with his wonderful new owners.







2017-05-15 10.31.16



MARLEY Marley, formerly known as Hanoun, was living in a heavily overcrowded shelter in Tunisia for years. Although safe for the time being, he received no walks, little affection, and had almost resigned himself to that life forever. Flash forward a few years and Marley is living with Sharon, and they both make each other over-the-moon happy. This handsome gentleman now has the home that every dog deserves; walks, love, food, and endless cuddles.


BILLY Billy was found on the streets of Tunisia after being abandoned by his owners. He was a little scrap of a dog but with a lot of love and care was beefed up and groomed by his carers. Now Billy lives in London with some amazing owners. His hair is almost as big as his personality, and he loves tummy rubs and long walks.


BAXTER Baxter went from living in terrible conditions as a homeless puppy on the street to living in a beautiful fitness retreat in France. He's all about #fitspiration now, and don't even get him started on his fitness routine. Jake and Kirsty are his wonderful owners, having also extended their home to two of our cats!


BARBIE Barbie was found on the streets by a concerned animal lover, heavily pregnant and suffering malnutrition. After finding a foster home she gave birth and, when ready to travel, she later came to the UK. Now Barbie is happily adopted, enjoying a life of luxury and good food.


ALFIE Alfie was left for dead by his first owners, trapped on the roof of their house with no food, water, or shelter, in the blazing Tunisian heat. Miraculously he survived, and eventually made safe passage out of the country. Now, he lives with a wonderful family. He gets tonnes of hugs and kisses, has his skin condition properly looked after, and couldn't be happier.






PENELOPE Penelope was found by one of our rescuers with a broken paw. It was quickly mended by an amazing vet, she was prepared for travel, boarded in France with CCTNA charity, and finally found a home in the UK! She deserves the world; with a sweet and gentle nature we fell in love with her immediately. Her new family did the same, and Penelope couldn't be happier now.


SAM Sam belonged to a family in Tunisia, but to our heartbreak they treated him appallingly. He would repeatedly journey across the dangerous main road to Aman's, our rescuer's, workplace in search of affection and food. She approached his owners to ask that she get him sterilised and they keep him inside, but they replied saying he might as well die. Eventually Aman took him off the streets and Sam was adopted immediately by an amazing family in the UK. Both parties couldn't be happier!







WILLOW Willow, formerly known as Princess, was rescued as a kitten from the streets of Hammamet. Her rough start is behind her now, as she enjoys life in the UK with her fantastic adopted family. Her favourite past times include looking good, sleeping, and eating. Something we can all relate to.




JESSIE Jessie was dumped as a kitten at the home of one of our rescuers. She was a tiny scrap and pretty ill, and despite treatment one of her eyes couldn't be saved. Because of her black and white fur she found it hard to find a home, but we decided just to bring her when we could! We knew people would fall in love with her quirky personality once they met her, and her new owners definitely did.


SOPHIE Gentle and beautiful Sophie spent 3 years in a Tunisian shelter before getting the chance to move to the UK. She had a rocky start to life outside of it, but they say good things come to those who wait. That's certainly true for Sophie, now living in the home of her dreams with wonderful owners.


THELMA Thelma is all big smiles after being adopted, loving life up north in Scotland. Born with a misformed front paw, she was rescued by volunteers in Hammamet and put into foster care. She hasn't let that stop her, though, approaching life with a great zeal and big, big smiles.




RADAR Radar, formerly known as Charles, was rescued as a puppy on the beach in Sousse and stuck in a foster pen afterwards. It took him a while to find a home, but eventually his quirky looks attracted a lot of attention. His friendly, bubbly personality now makes a wonderful companion to his new home in Kensington. He gets to enjoy walks in Hyde Park in a smart new Winter coat.


LUNA Luna, formerly known as Yasmine, was rescued off the streets as a young cat. With her gentle temperament she was bullied by the other cats in her first home, and ended up living in their bedroom until they had to move and put Luna up for adoption. Now she has a wonderful life in London, playing well into the evening (unless she's caught up in cuddles, that is!).






BARNABY Barnaby is a gorgeous chap. Sadly for him, his black fur wasn't very welcome in Tunisia and he found his time in the country very, very hard. After several years of foster he finally found his perfect home, and look at his big smile! He settled in very well and has become a lovely, laid back boy that has brought great joy to his new family.


LAYLA Layla was found on the doorstep of our volunteers, trying desperately to enter their home whenever she could. Eventually they couldn't leave her out on the street any longer, taking pity on her just before the police could come round to eradicate dogs in the area. Layla's determination paid off, moving to a wonderful and patient home in the UK. After a brief adjustment period, she has become a delightful and happy dogs, even neighbours notice the change in her!


LENNY Lenny was rescued hobbling on the streets after being hit by a car at 5 months old. Karma did him some favours, though, bringing him to some incredible adopters who paid for his expensive surgery without a second's hesitation, saving him from back pain for the rest of his life. Lenny has shown them just as much love back, bringing a joyful and affectionate spirit into their home in the UK.


MANOU Manou was found as a terrified puppy on the streets of Tunisia, tragically sleeping in the middle of her dead siblings. After that she spent several years in a shelter, away from bullets and poison but still starved of love. Now, things couldn't be more different. Manou lives in Staffordshire and loves the long walks and comfy sofas that her owners give her. They describe her as a 'pure joy', and it is lovely to see that her rough start to life hasn't stopped her.


LULU LuLu was rescued after she was shot and left for dead by the Municipality. She dragged herself to the home of a lady who used to feed her & she rushed her to the vets. After removing a lot of gun pellets, Lulu made a full recovery and has since been adopted in Gloucestershire, UK. She loves long runs & enjoys climbing mountains in Wales!


KING King was found on the streets with Louisa, a dog who had already been shot. He was very protective of her, but we managed to rescue them both eventually. King now lives in the UK and is enjoying cuddles and kisses from his new owners. He has a wonderful personality; taking his lead in his mouth when he wants a walk, taking food gently, and loving human attention.


JERRY Jerry is Barbie's son, who was rescued off the street just before she gave birth to him. Jerry is a lucky chap, enjoying an amazing life in North London, meeting up with his buddies on the common and coming back to a comfy, cosy bed.






GASPARD AND FAROUK Farouk and his best buddy Gaspard were rescued by an Italian woman and taken in by an expat in Tunisia. After the trouble in the summer of 2015, their owner left the country with plans to also bring the two cats alone. That never happened and the cats became our responsibility, but we never regretted it for a second! They are playful and affectionate with each other and their owners alike and have made fantastic additions to their new home.




BELLA Bella was rescued from a construction site in Tunisia and spent months after months in a shelter. Eventually she was put into a lovely foster home, and we were delighted when her temporary owners wants to turn it into a permanent one for her! She's now adjusting to life in the UK, experiencing new sites, sounds, languages, and smells, and absolutely loving it!


SADOK AND KATIE Sadok was rescued off the street in Tunisia but, given his shy nature, he found it incredibly hard to socialise or come out of his shell. But, with the help of one of our rescuers, Sarah, he bonded with Katie, another cat rescued from the street. Together they worked their way into their fosterer's heart and were adopted by them.


SHEBA Sheba was found in a very bad state on the streets of Tunisia. Her good looks and playful personality were a great help in getting her adopted, though, and she's now loving life in London.


TEGAN Tegan, formerly Titou, was found as a tiny kitten on the streets of Tunisia. He had a tough time finding a home because of his black fur, but with persistence and the help of his friendly, affectionate nature he is now very happy in the UK.


TOM Tom was found in an incredibly precarious situation on the streets as a kitten, at risk of all sorts of dangerous outcomes. Luckily, he was saved before anything bad could behalf him and now has a wonderful life in London. He's cuddly, daft, and struts around like he owns the place. His owners love him!




COOKIE Formerly known as Rima, Cookie is a striking cat. Her nose stripe worked it's way into the hearts of everyone who met her, especially her owners who can't imagine life without her! She enjoys living in the lap of luxury now with a dog for her best bud.




LILY Lily was found on the streets of Tunisia in a very bad way. Her bad past is behind her, though, as she enjoys a wonderful life with her new owner, Eva. They both keep each other very happy, as Eva struggled to get over the loss of her 21 year old cat prior to adopting Lily.












ALICE Alice lived on the beach for years, befriending tourists having litter after litter. She was rescued just in time before the gun men came to kill her. She was brought to the UK where her 3KG tumour was detected. She is now fit and well, living in Birmingham, UK.


Nouskha rescued from the streets of Tunisia, now living in Surrey, UK.


CARAMEL Caramel was hit by a car when she lived on the street and left to help herself. By the time our rescuers found her, her front paw had fused in it's broken position. But, with some amazing work from our team and unbelievable fosterers and adopters, we found Caramel a home that didn't judge her for her disability. She loves her new life in the UK and doesn't let her impairment hold her back, enjoying long walks and big cuddles.


Cleopatra was rescued from the streets after having boiling hot water thrown on her she was brought to the UK to have her skin graft. She is now adopted in Surrey, UK. Click on her photo to see her rescue journey!


AFIA Afia after numerous attempts at being poisoned, gentle sweet Afia was rescued from the streets and brought to the UK where she was adopted with fellow Tunisian Cleopatra.


KOKO Koko, formerly Touta, was rescued off the streets before a bullet could get to her and kept in a dog shelter in Tunisia. Thanks to her fantastic carers, travel buddies, fosterers, and eventual adopters, Koko has an incredible life now. It's enough to make us cry!

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