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We Need Your Help!

This poor faithful fur-baby used to live with his family in Sousse but they needed to return to their European home, unfortunately they left this little one behind without a second thought. He patiently waited for them outside the house truly believing they would return for him. His neighbours took pity and let one of our rescuers know about his predicament.

It’s so dangerous for these dogs here as the police shoot strays in Tunisia believing them to be impure! Sadly the shelter was full to the brim so the dog had to be assigned to a family to be taken care of. This crafty pooch managed to slip out, presumably desperate to look for his human pack but in his panic to find them he ran into the path of an oncoming car. When our rescuer caught up with him he was limping, confused and scared. He has been caught and taken to the vet but now he will need X-rays and treatment. Here’s where you awesome guys come in, please help fund his recovery by donating here and adding a note to say this is to help with the Sousse dog’s vet bill. Thank you so much.

This little guy is also going to need a name, so please let us know your ideas on our Facebook page   when we share this post on Saturday and we will pick the best one!

Please, please like and share to pieces! 

Thank you all once again, we just couldn’t do all this without you! 

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