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Douglas and Winston are Dreaming of Loving Homes

Our forgotten boys are longing for a home of their own. These brothers were living rough on the streets of Tunisia dodging the police who were out daily attempting to shoot them and any other strays that they encountered. Sadly, this is commonly done in Tunisia as strays are considered to be impure. Luckily for our lovely Winston and Douglas one kind policeman decided to rescue them. They were brought to a shelter where they have since remained. Here they are safe and fed, but they live their years out in a small, dusty patch of field. There are no walks for these guys and visitors are few and far between.

For anyone who may have been reading about Zac's story on our blog you may notice how similar some of these dogs appear. Maybe someone out there is feeling tempted to adopt a similar dog, if so, I'd love to introduce Douglas:

He’s a gorgeous dog, of medium to large size, being approximately 25kg.

He has an array of characterful war wounds to his face and he has sadly started to resign himself to the fact that this little piece of land is the best he can hope for in which to live out the rest of his days.

This handsome dog below is his brother, Winston:

They are both laid back, placid dogs that get on well with the other dogs and love to soak up the attention from any and every visitor they are lucky enough to receive.

This is their little sandy world, they just deserve so much more! Can you take a chance on one of our boys and give them their hearts’ desires? Please get in touch here if you can adopt or please click donate to make a contribution towards their care.

Please, please share this post for our lovely lads, let’s get them some cosy homes ASAP, they have been waiting for too many years.

Photography courtesy of Ari’s Thread

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