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Adopted News - Rocky tells his adopted tale

Our favourite kind of announcement is always the adopted kind, the end goal, the cherry on the cake, the finale which we all work so hard to reach.

It's what makes all the months of late nights pouring over applications, issuing home checks, looking for flight buddies, completing endless detailed paperwork, worth while.

Of course this is not the end though, for the families who chose to adopt and the animals in question, this is very much the beginning.


Today we are catching up with a cheeky little RANA cat, originally called Roukinet, now known as Rocky. RANA team first met him when he was in the overcrowded PAT shelter in Tunisia. He was safe, but in a room with around 100 other cats. He was beyond charming, giving out endless cuddles, saying TAKE ME, TAKE ME! We couldn't refuse and prepped him for travel, definitely his lucky day.

A year later in 2018, Rocky made the journey to a foster home in the UK and was soon snapped up by Katie and her wonderful boys who wanted a confident, playful cat. Rocky definitely lived up to his description and loves nothing more than following the boys to the park and sleeping in their beds.

Now 2 years later we thought we would interview him to see what he thinks to his new life...


If you would like to adopt and change a life, complete our adoption questionnaire and a member of our team will be in touch. Thank you! x

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