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Phenicia and Clementine ❤️

******Update*****Foster homes have been found with potential adoptions lined up*******

We have two lovely females that desperately need loving homes before they resign themselves to the fact that the shelter is all life has to offer them.

Our first little beauty here, is Clementine, she’s such a sweetheart and she deserves so much more from life, it’s just heartbreaking to see her still waiting to be a chosen one. She can be a little timid to start with but she is curious and keen to find out what the volunteers are all about. She will come for a fuss once she is feeling brave enough and we think she will adapt to a new life fairly quickly. Clementine is thought to be about 2 years of age and was rescued by some UN workers and brought to a shelter in Tunisia to keep her safe from the gunmen .

Look at that little face! She patiently waits for attention from the volunteers.

Our second dog we’re featuring this time is Phenicia, she’s a very happy, playful girl. She is approximately a year old. One of our rescuers spotted her abandoned outside a house, she was waiting for people with bags in their hands and following them back to their cars and trying to climb in beside them, presumably hoping there was food inside the bags that might get shared with her. She was lured with a small piece of salami and then her lovely rescuer scooped her up in her arms like a big baby. Phenicia was very happy to be cuddled up and enjoyed her car ride to the shelter. She likes to act the clown and get all the other dogs involved in her games. We would really love to see her get a family home of her own where she can continue to shine and share her sunny nature with everyone she meets. Will you be the lucky one to give her a new life?

If you are interested in either of our girls  please get in touch here, or you can view our other dogs needing homes on our page.

Please like and share, let’s get these gorgeous girls their forever homes!

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