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Returning from living in Libya and Tunisia for 5 years, we both refused to ignore and forget the level of cruelty and neglect we had witnessed whilst living there. Even though both of us had previously volunteered at shelters in the UK and seen some awful things, the level of abuse towards animals across North Africa was on a whole new scale. We were also astounded by the lack of people and organisations helping in any way. In an area 8 times the size of the UK, there are just 3 shelters, bursting out of their flimsy fences... so on our return to the UK, we decided we wanted to do something and R.A.N.A: Rescue Animals of North Africa, was born!


It has not been easy! Dealing with Tunisian logistics whilst being in the UK, becoming familiar with endless (ever changing) import paperwork and having to prioritise who we can save, when there are no foster carers available or  availability in the shelters. 

As a charity we rely solely on donations and dedicate our time for free, it has been a constant fight to keep afloat and many of our vet bills remain outstanding. We are ALWAYS looking for assistance and volunteers and work tirelessly to try and spread the word about what is happening out there... the endless shooting campaigns, the poisoning, the dog fights, the dumping of newborns in bins, the abuse, the torture, the lack of education around basic animal welfare, the ongoing refusal to sterilise... the list goes on. 


R.A.N.A does not have it's own shelter and relies solely on people coming forward to foster. Foster parents are integral to our whole set up, so as well as changing the life of the animal coming in to foster, another one can be saved from the streets.


We are thankful for our small community of adopters and fosters and always keep in touch with the animal long after it has been adopted. Our R.A.N.A Happy Ever afters Facebook group keeps us motivated through the tough days! 


We remain excited about what the future can hold for R.A.N.A and the rescued animals across North Africa and aspire for a response similar to that in Romania, people 'knowing', means people 'doing', people 'helping', people 'saving'... so please share, like, retweet, tell your friends about the animals in North Africa and come and say Hello at our stalls, we need your help to make change happen.


Thank you for the support, (we need it!)

Love Michaela and Florence xx

Meet Our Team

UK Team 

Cathy - Homecheck Coordinator 
Cathy found her way to us through falling in love with one of our cats. Sadly, her existing cat didn't feel the same. But Cathy stayed in touch and decided to help us with our mission, becoming our homecheck coordinator in Jan 2017 and an invaluable member of our team. Without her, the process of adoption would take twice as long and be twice as stressful.
Arianna - Photographer
Arianna adopted one of our cats in June 2015 and has been supporting our work ever since. She works as a photographer, gracefully lending her skills to us and taking amazing pictures of our dogs and cats. These pictures are essential in getting them adopted, and you will have seen her work all over our social media and website. Find her marketing consultancy business over on Facebook.
Anita - Dog Fosterer
Anita helped us out with emergency foster for a dog, helping us out of a sticky situation and providing a wonderful temporary home for the dog. That was the start of a wonderful relationship; going on to foster 12 dogs and helping us find some incredible homes for them. By welcoming these dogs in for foster, she allows us to save even more dogs in the process.
She's been adopting dogs since 1969, up to 13 now, even rescuing and rehoming a few herself in her time. With RANA, she's found the work incredibly rewarding and fostering slightly addictive. Each dog brings something special into her life, and she brings something special into theirs. 
Rym - accounts
Rym is currently organising the accounts for RANA whilst completing her dissertation on CSR. She is ACCA qualified and originates from Tunisia, prodiving helpful translation assitance. When asked what she wanted written here, she said "say I'm a nice person".
Lydia - website
Lydia is providing admin assistance to RANA and updating the website. It makes her slightly uncomfortable to do this bit in the third person, but she gets the job done anyway (what a hero). She loves dogs and cats - suffers allergies from the both of them (again, what a hero) - and is currently starting a masters at Queen Mary.

Tunisian Team 

Frank lives in Tunis where he feeds over 70 cats and several dogs on the street every evening. When he used to leave for work trips he would get very worried about them, and eventually started rescuing and rehoming them himself. We've almost lost count of the amount of cats that Frank has saved and welcomed into his home, showing each one as much affection and love as the last. He told us that although it feels like his work is a drop in the ocean, a drop is better than nothing at all. 
Zohra, living in Sousse, started off by rescuing a handful of animals off the street. Soon though, people became aware of this and started dumping dogs and cats on her doorstep. She used to work as a nurse and is often a lifesaver when it comes to sick dogs and cats that she meets, nursing them back to full health and preparing them for travel to their new homes. 
Sara started out in Hammamet by rescuing cats from a busy road. She soon realised how big the problem was, and actually set up a shelter because she couldn't keep them all at home. This became the PAT shelter we work with, keeping dogs and cats off the street and safe from the Government's gunmen. Without her these animals would be dead, starving, or badly injured. 
Aman works to rescue dogs off the street, taking them to shelters or other foster homes because her own dog is too territorial and jealous to let them into her own house. She often ends up with the task of negotiating with Government shooters in order to save dogs. It's tough work, but Aman works tirelessly and without her a lot more dogs would be suffering a slow and painful death. 
Linda does amazing work for us in Sousse, acting as a volunteer on the ground to help us with logistics and animal transport. Our volunteer week wouldn't be possible without her coordination and organisation skills, and we know we can always count on her when it comes to making our work in Tunisia more efficient and cost effective. 

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