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Why Support Small Charities?

Small charities may be small, but they are full of people who are passionate about what they do and give up every spare minute of their day fighting for what they believe in. 


Importantly, unlike many larger established charities, small charities like RANA rely on people donating their time and efforts free of charge. This ensures that every penny which is donated goes directly on the animals and their associated resscue costs. 


If you would like to get involved and share your talents and skills with the RANA team, please send us a message at

We have big dreams, but they can only come true with a large, skillful team. 


Why are we so Passionate about Sterilisation?

Sterilisation is the only way we can control the excessive amounts of numbers on the streets and unwanted animals in shelters.


Across North Africa there is a belief that it is unfair for the animal and goes against certain religous views. So to control the large numbers of unwanted animals the Government activate shooting campaigns or people take it upon themselves to poison, throw babies in bins or abuse animals to death. 


Sterilisation not only prevents unwanted animals, it reduces the risks of cancer, animals running away to mate, minimises behavioural issues and makes for an all round healthier animal. 

Why we believe in adopting, not shopping!

Every day our inboxes are full of people pleading for help to rescue 'this' animal or take in 'that' animal. Our Facebook and Twitter feeds also prove that we are not the only charity facing this issue.


There is a huge problem across the world...too many animals and not enough people adopting. Puppy farmers love it! 


We just want people to give rescues a chance. We don't care where they are rescued from, we firmly believe an animal in need should be saved regardless of where in the world they are. If you have specific requirements, children, other animals etc etc, then let charities know. There will always be an animal who is satisfies your requirements. Give them a chance.


* please note any reference to breeds listed are an indication of possible characteristics rather than a full reflection of the animal's lineage, which is unknown, as they are rescued stray animals.

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