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Here at RANA (Rescue Animals of North Africa) we are passionate about saving lives and giving each animal we encounter the best chance at life. Every animal has a story to tell and today we are spreading the word on the remarkable tales of deaf and blind cats. Whilst some might see these conditions as barriers to adoption, we at RANA are passionate about celebrating the resilience of these incredible felines. With a little understanding and patience, these cats can lead fulfilling lives just like any other.

Let's explore the ways that deaf and blind cats can thrive in loving homes!

Firstly, they have enhanced senses. In the absence or loss of a senses such as sight or hearing, their other senses become heightened. Relying on smell, touch, sight if deaf or hearing if blind to explore the world around them. Blind cats rely on their whiskers as sensory tools, to map out their surroundings with precision. They can develop incredible spatial awareness, navigating their homes with apparent ease, memorising the layout of their homes, or rely on scent trails, from the scent gland in their paws that is released when walking.

It is incredible to witness their ability to adapt and thrive in environments or circumstances that seem challenging to us. It is important however to consider several things to ensure the home is safe for a blind cat, such as keeping cables out of the way to potentially be a trip hazard, keeping the furniture in the same place, water bowls and food in the same place and same for litter box. To minimise stress and ensure the cat can navigate it's environment easily.

Deaf cats are incredible at reading body language and picking up on vibrations. They can learn to read hand signals and respond to visual cues, proving that effective communication knows no bounds. They form deep bonds with their caregivers through touch and scent, relying on trust and mutual understanding to navigate their daily lives. They do need indoor-only homes so that they are safe.

These animals are incredible, reminding us of their resilience and unwavering trust in humans, which serves as a powerful reminder in the power of love, and how compassion and love can overcome adversity.

How you can help:

  1. Educate. Spread awareness about the resilience, incredible capabilities of deaf and blind cats and challenge misconceptions regarding their quality of life.

  2. Adopt! Consider opening your heart and home to a deaf or blind cat in need of a loving home. With patience, trust and love, their sweet loving nature will blossom and you will have a deep bond of mutual understanding and trust.

  3. Support. Donate to organisations such as RANA, who are committed to providing care, love and incredible, lifelong homes for deaf and blind cats in need.

Deaf and blind cats may face unique challenges, but their resilience, adaptability, and capacity for love are nothing short of extraordinary. By celebrating their abilities and advocating for their welfare, we can ensure that every cat, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to thrive and find their forever home.

Here at RANA we have some incredible kitties available, all looking for their loving homes. Could it be with you?

ginger and white partially sighted blind female cat, availalble for adoption in UK

beautiful tabby male blind cat, available for adoption in UK
blind tabby male cat available for adoption UK

male white deaf cat available for adoption in UK

Sweet white girl cat who is deaf, available for adoption in UK
Sweet white girl cat who is deaf, with heterochromia, available for adoption in UK

Hi everyone and welcome to RANA blog!

It's been a while! We have someone new helping out with the website so promising to give you all more regular updates with what we have been up to... Because there is always something happening in Tunisia and our mission is to save lives! 

We have many amazing rescue cats for adoption to the UK, each with their own story and in need of a loving home. Scroll down to see their cute faces and for more information, click on ‘Cats needing homes’ for their stories and as always, contact us for more information. 

In 2023 we had 21 cats adopted and several more brought to UK and currently in foster, awaiting their forever homes! We have many being cared for, treated and loved with rescuers in Tunisia, awaiting to heal and be strong enough to fly to UK and to foster and new homes!

In the last few years since the last blog post we have had many cats adopted to the UK and also a few dogs! We are a small charity and all those involved are so happy when our animals find their forever homes. You can see animals settled happily in their forever homes on the ‘Happy Ever Afters’ page. 

Recently we have luckily found some little kittens in some sorry states… A couple are: 

RANA Rescuers in Tunis heard online of a kitten with severe bulging sore eyes, so Rescuer Meriam took to the road to find him. Driving for hours... Sweet Habibi was found alone next to a wall on the street of Sousse with a severe eye infection, bulging and in severe pain. Meriam got him the vet help he needed and now he is looking for his home! He is blind but that doesn’t stop him! What a brave, loving cutie! 

tabby cat found on street in Tunisia with eye infection
Habibi, beautiful Tabby kitten found on street in Tunis

Kip was found in January with the skin of his leg completely sheared off... He was very likely hit by a car. Poor baby was so trusting and friendly, despite his severe pain and everything he had been through. He bravely got his leg amputated and is recovering well. Huge thanks to everyone who supported with his vet bills! Kip is currently reserved awaiting adoption.

ginger kitten recovering from surgery of leg amputation. UK rescue animal organisation, cats for adoption
Kip, recovering after his surgery to remove his leg (hidden by tail)

Not forgetting that in the last few months of we have had 7 cats adopted which is amazing! Please continue to share the work of RANA, by word of mouth, interacting and sharing with our social media posts. 

If you can donate to help the animals, no amount is too small! Click the DONATE button from the top menu for the information! Donations contribute towards food, shelter, medical help, spaying and neutering.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, from us and the street animals! <3

All of these beautiful babies are looking for their forever homes. Can you help or know someone who needs a friend? Get in touch...

Love RANA Team and the animals xx

This week a starving Husky with a horrendous skin and eye infection was seen on the streets of Tunis. People were ignoring the poor dog desperately looking for food and help.

Thanks to the power of social media, one of our wonderful RANA volunteers saw these heartbreaking photos posted by a concerned passerby on a local Tunisian animal rescue group and knew if she didn’t act this dog would die a slow death, or be shot.

Meriam searched the streets and thankfuly found the sweet, very lucky girl, bringing her home where she already has well over 50 street animals in her home.

Bella is described as being ‘just perfect’, she is gentle and kind and now needs us all to fight for her.

Bella already has a large vet bill waiting to be paid with many more to follow.

Plus when she is stronger and her skin condition has healed, she will need the usual vaccinations, microchip and hopefully if someone wants to adopt her, contributions to her travel fund.

We are now looking for kind people to sponsor Bella to be a part of her rescue journey. Please consider donating any amount towards Bella's rescue bills and stay tuned for more photo updates on here over the next few weeks.

Bella with a lead! A huge step towards being a pet dog

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