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Moving On....!

Zac-precious-boy, yes, a precious boy!!! Anyway, *ahem* I am reporting from a place called Furever Home! It’s quite nice here, there are still some things I find a bit scary, like those horrid baby birds that are currently living in the gutter by our best room, the one with the big human bed in it, but I, because I’m now a precious boy, did I mention that already? Well, I’m allowed to sleep on the huge human bed, that’s right, because I’m a good boy and mummy says I deserve the finer things in life now! Those baby birds, I think they must be starlings because they just shriek so loudly, all day long, they scare me so much that I hide under the comfy bed for the times they scream and I make my mummy spend a lot of time convincing me that it’s safe to come out for my walks.....! She does though because she loves me, yep, little old me, with my scarred face, my one and a half ears and my funny bent, stumpy tail!! She loves me so much that I feel brave sometimes and being a brave boy can bring good things!! Like walks, but I’ll tell you about those in a minute because first I have to tell you that the food service is pretty impressive, it’s not just any old food but .....meat!!!!! Sometimes it’s dog food and’s CHICKEN!!! Chicken is really, really yummy, but so is sausage and cheese and liver, and, did you even know there were other things to eat apart from pasta??!!??

Things have changed a lot for me in the last few months. I never really knew how big the world was....I had never been outside of the dog shelter until the start of my journey here! I've been in a big brrmm brrmm and a funny big metal bird thing that made lots of scary noises.......but now we go in the brrmm brrmm most days and now that it's warm and sunny, mummy lets the windows down so I can stick my nose in the air and sniffy sniff the thousands of lovely smells that come flooding in!

Sometimes she drives me all the way to the beach, I love it there, the sand feels so nice under my feet and I'm allowed to go free when we get there so I can run. I tried to fight the urge to run at first; my legs would sort of have a life of their own with a desire to run, and they would suddenly splay out beneath me but I would quickly get them back in check and walk quietly and calmly as if nothing had happened. I was scared to show my excitement but I think mummy saw me and she smiled and seemed very pleased......after our first few visits I felt sure it was ok to run, so I did and it felt sooooo good to run free, I ran with a huge grin on my face!

I think mummy was crying, which seemed strange as she was grinning too and gave me lots of fuss, but, I'm sure I saw tears in her eyes....... that happened the first time I did a zoomie in the field too!

Humans seem like very complicated things, I'm not sure I will ever understand them, but I think I can trust these ones at least; they keep me safe and make sure I'm comfortable. I think I could get used to this life, apparently I'm a Tunisian prince and lots of people love me....can you believe it....??!? ❤️ Things are looking up for little old me!

Image credit: Robert Eede, with thanks.

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