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{Male | 2 years old | In & Outdoor}
[OK with cats and children]
Ready to Travel: Now!
We are looking for a home full of love for this very special boy, Jean-Louis.
Jean-Louis is all about attention and affection. He is the biggest love bug and attention seeker! If you want a cat who adores being around you and whom you can cuddle endlessly, then Jean-Louis is your purrfect match! He’s super social and chilled around people and loves to be the centre of attention. He loves human contact and will climb you like a tree to sit on your shoulder!
Jean-Louis is such a well-adjusted and well-behaved cat that we believe he was once a family pet who was dumped in the street when he was no longer wanted. How anyone could get rid of such a loving cat is beyond belief, but he was rescued when one of our volunteers found him hiding in a basement.
Jean-Louis is 2 years old and great with other cats and children. He has not been tested with dogs or babies so slow introductions would be needed here.
Please help us find him his purrrrfect family!

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