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{Male | 5 years old | Indoor/Outdoor}
Being prepared for travel, ready soon!

Emna our rescuer in Nabeul, was feeding the stray cats one night when she spotted Donald lying by a waste bin. He wanted to stand up and come to get some food but was too weak to do so. When Emna saw he wasn’t moving she slowly approached him and realised he couldn’t move. He had been hit by a car in the face, which had broken his jaw and nearly knocked his eye out. Emna ran home to get a box to put him in. She flagged down a passing taxi driver who took her to the nearest vet where Donald was stabilised.

It took him 10 days of intensive treatments to get him strong enough to withstand an anaesthetic, so the vet could operate to fix his jaw. A week later he was in surgery again to save his eye and to be neutered. After another two weeks at the vets he was finally strong enough to go home with Emna, where he is now fully recovered.

Handsome Donald is a calm and very loving cat - he's grateful to have been given a chance to live by Emna. We're looking for a wonderful home for him. He's great with other cats but has not had exposure to children or many dogs yet, so careful introductions would be needed. He is 5 years old.

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