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Can you make poor Panda feel the love he deserves?

Our poor Panda has been continuously overlooked for so long now and he really needs a home of his own. He’s been patiently waiting for years for his special person to come along and save him from his sandy, lonely world. He’s a big friendly lad and he begs for attention when the volunteers are nearby but the poor boy gets so little human contact that once they enter his pen, he can get scared and run away! He needs a kind owner to take time to build trust so he can enjoy the attention he craves.

Panda was found abandoned and alone on the street of Tunis when he was just a couple of weeks old, luckily he was found by a kind vet who called upon our guardian angel Sara, to take him in. He had to be bottle fed for the 1st month in her care. Sadly he has been in shelters ever since and now at 5 years of age he is still wishing for a home of his own.

He’s lived here with so many other dogs for so long, he just never seems to get noticed or chosen, he wonders why no one wants or loves him and can’t understand what it is that he’s done wrong.

Do you have a Panda shaped hole in your life? Can you show him what it means to be loved?

We would like Panda to go to an experienced, or at least, very patient owner who can help him to settle and reach his potential. The RANA team are always here to help and guide you, as are the RANA adopters family.

Please get in touch if you think you can teach this boy his true value.

It’s just so important to get these dogs off the streets because many lives are cut short in Tunisia due to the police gunmen that are sent out to kill them. Stray dogs are considered impure so the more we can keep off the streets the better chance they have of making it to a happy life.

We welcome anyone that has an interest in fostering or adopting one of our animals. Our email address is or click here to message us or if you would like to kindly make a contribution to our efforts please click donate . Please share as much as possible, let’s find Panda his forever home! Thank you.

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