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Tina's Story

Out of all of our heart-warming adoption stories, Tina’s journey from Tunisia to her new home in the UK has to be up there with one of our favourites! Tina was originally rescued in Tunisia and was thought to be abandoned by her previous owner, she was subsequently adopted by a Tunisian couple who one day dropped Tina off at a boarding home, and never returned to pick her up. A year later we met Tina and decided to bring her to the UK but she spent the next 18 months being consistently overlooked for adoption.

Eventually Tina’s luck changed when she met volunteer Yvonne in Tunisia who offered to foster her in the UK and thanks to this she was adopted by the wonderful Hannah and Marc in January 2017. Since then she has made some huge steps towards becoming a happy and relaxed dog, by putting her past behind her and trusting Hannah and Marc. And as you can see from the pictures provided by her new family, Tina is able to take advantage of the British countryside and finally live life to the full.

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