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Home needed for Kiki


We have an urgent foster home needed for Kiki, a lovely cat who needs a quiet home for the next three months so she can give birth safely and raise her kittens in peace.

Kiki is a beautiful cat with an even more beautiful temperament. She is calm and gentle, but very affectionate and loving as well. Due to give birth in the next 1-2 weeks, she needs a quiet corner to make her nest.

We can provide all the bedding necessary, the litter box, food, and toys, if necessary. All you have to do is open up your home to a cat that is sure to make you a great companion over the next few months, along with some very cute new additions to her family.

Usually we only rescue animals from North Africa. Kiki is a special case brought to us by a neighbour in London, and we are hoping that someone is able to provide her with the home that her former owners couldn't for the next few months. She is currently in temporary foster in central London but is able to travel if neccessary.

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