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After a rocky start, Lenny has now been adopted! Nothing makes us happier to know that this boy will have a stable loving home forever.

Lenny was hit by a car when he lived with his previous owners, sadly as they didnt insure him they were unable to pay his bills and he was returned before he was put to sleep.

Thankfully his new, wonderful parents kindly paid the £5000 vet bill which allowed his leg to be repaired before it fused and caused serious long term damage. We are aiming to pay them back every penny through fundraising and generous donations, if anyone can chip in, we would be so grateful.

Finding a home for a 6 month old, mischevious mixed breed is a hard task in itself, never mind adding in the surgery, expense and hassle of caring for him recovering.

We are very lucky they found Lenny.

If anyone would like donate you can send money to our PayPal or click on the donate tab.


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