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A Guide to Cat Adoption, from RANA

First of all, thank you so much for considering adoption from RANA! This is a huge step in their life, a new start from the street and horrors they have endured.

Cats take time to adjust to their environments and can feel very stressed when they first move. Bear in mind they have undergone significant travel, from Tunisia, often to Paris and then to UK.

Maybe your fur ball was lucky to have foster in UK, where the fosters are much less crowded than Tunisia.

The first few weeks are crucial to ensure trust between you and your new pet and for building confidence.

It is so rewarding to see their confidence grow and their personalities come out over time! 



In preparation for arrival

In preparation for your cat arriving you can purchase:

  • Feliway plug ins, which release synthetic pheromones to help cats feel safe, relaxed and settled in their new environment. These are odourless to humans but they make a big difference!

  • Zyklene natural supplement made from milk protein to help cats relax and adjust to new environments or for trips to the vet etc. Available from Pets at Home, Amazon and other pet retailers!

  • Watch some Youtube videos to ensure you have good knowledge to help them settle. Jackson Galaxy’s Youtube channel is a wealth of free knowledge, an amazing free resource for advice on all sorts of things related to cat behaviour. From scared cats settling into new homes, to introducing cats together, sure you will find a video relating to any questions or topics you may have.

  • If you have other cats, ensure your RANA adoption is kept in a separate room for a period of time, isolated from the rest. Watch Jackson Galaxy video on cat introductions here

  • Get pet insurance organised, so you are prepared. Petplan is great as they also cover for dental and low excess fee. Check out their website

  • Ensure that you have the food they like, RANA team or the fosterer will be able to tell you this. Bear in mind they might struggle to eat for a few days if they are nervous. Be patient and consistent, try with treats too if they will have them.


Once they have arrived

  • Transfer and register their Microchip number. There are several databases, but Petlog is easy to use, the microchip number will be in the documents provided by RANA. From 10 June 2024, cats in UK need to be microchipped and registered on a database by the time they're 20 weeks old, including indoor only cats. You can be fined up to £500 if your cat is not microchipped when they need to be. So register your microchip of your RANA pet using PetLog!




Register for the Vet

Going to the vet can be extremely stressful for some animals. If possible, see if there any ​remote vets in your area. In Edinburgh there is Vetkind, in London there is Home Vets London. With a quick Google search you can see if there are any possible ones in your area. Remote vets are great as they come to you, minimising the stress incurred to the animal.

It is good to have a health check up once your pet has settled. Zyklene is great if you have to go out for the vet trip. It is a natural calming remedy, created from Casein protein from Milk. Remember to communicate to the vet that you have given a supplement.


RANA Happy Ever Afters 

Join the RANA Happy Ever Afters Facebook group to keep us updated with photos of your pets settling in, ask questions and have a nice community of pet lovers. It brings us joy to see animals we saved living their best lives!


Our volunteers work so hard; rescuers, fosterers, RANA admin and all those extra involved, so seeing them flourish in happy, loving homes provides us with so much joy when things are challenging. 


This is a private group, details on how to join will be provided upon adoption. 

Wilf and Mimo from Katie.jpeg

Rescuing a pet is an extremely rewarding journey, which starts with a great foundation. It can take time for each animal to settle into their new environment. Please be patient with them, give them the space, love and time they need and they will show you their personality in time.


We have experience with transforming even the most fearful, feral-like animals out of their shells, into loving, cuddle bugs! So please reach out to us if you should need any advice!

Love, Team RANA 


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