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Education Officer
RANA- Rescue Animals of North Africa is a UK based registered charity that rescues animals across Libya and Tunisia and strives to find their “forever home” with loving people within the UK. We are a small charity and we give up our free time because we are passionate about saving animals from the terrible conditions and neglect that they are suffering.
One of the issues that we face is that across North Africa there is barely any knowledge of pet welfare. This role offers the opportunity to make a big impact across North Africa, with the flexibility to work from home when you are available. This role can be as involved and significant as you choose to make it, but has the capability to make a real difference to national pet welfare with campaigns running up to the Government level
The main duties of this role are:
  • Completing and sharing online petitions.
  • Making a defined list on areas to focus on.
  • Amending relevant literature and considering the best places to place them.
  • Identifying brands or people that would be powerful messengers.
  • Researching other established charities/organisations that are running similar schemes in other countries and liaising with them.
  • Contacting other charities across the Arab World, such as Animals Lebanon, Nowzad, to learn from how they have gained access to Government and successfully implemented laws and better structures for animals.
  • Creating and running petitions at RANA stands and discussing with public why we do this.
  • Brainstorm targets (institutions, companies, establishments) for the education material to be delivered in North Africa.
  • Be prepared to work with a team on the ground in North Africa to deliver the material produced. 
What we are looking for:
  • Computer literate with a good Internet connection at home for completing online campaign work.
  • Empathy with the aims of RANA and a desire to help animals.
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills for getting our message across and encouraging people to get involved.
  • Some prior knowledge and understanding of the issues facing animals in North Africa would be desirable.
  • Legal background would be helpful too (but not essential)
  • A proactive, ideas person who can make things happen.

This is an exciting opportunity to have an impact on animals lives, hopefully alter government policy concerning animal treatment in North Africa, yet still have a flexible time commitment, working from home.


If you think that you have what we are looking for and would like to join our team and benefit from working with like-minded individuals, making a difference to the lives of animals, while boosting your CV, then we would love to hear from you.
How to apply
Send your CV and a bit about yourself to:
This is an unpaid post but we promise to give glowing recommendations for those who go over and above and show commitment to the team. You can also gain satisfaction that you are making positive things happen. 
There is also the chance that we will cover the costs of a trip to Tunisia, so you can get hands on experience with the animals and see what we are fighting so hard for! 
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