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{Female | 3 years old | In & Outdoor}
[OK with cats and children]
Ready to Travel: Now!

Whoever dumped Yasmina on the street didn’t give a thought as to how she might survive… The experience clearly traumatised her because when she was seen hiding under some cars in a basement garage, she was completely terrified. It took weeks before her rescuer could even get near her.
But he persevered, leaving her food every day and softly talking to her. Little by little she got used to seeing him and slowly let her guard down and started to trust in him.

Once she came out of her protective shell and started to relax, she did the biggest U-turn and changed into a total cuddle monster! She absolutely adores being cuddled and she purrs like a train!
She loves being around people but understandably, she can be shy to start with around people she doesn’t know.

The most perfect home for her would be a calm home where she is either the only cat or there are other cats with a similar temperament. She is good with young children who know how to behave around cats. If you can give Yasmina her dream forever home, please get in touch with us!

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