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{Male | 2 years old | Indoor}
Ready to Travel: Now!

A local man in Tunis came across tiny Sukha in the street - a tiny scrap of a kitten with a serious eye infection. He posted an appeal on Facebook asking for someone to rescue the cat but nobody responded. Our rescuer in Tunis, Meriam, was told about Sukha and immediately drove to find him on the street where the man said he'd last seen him. Sukha's eye infection was so bad that he had no sight at all, and left alone to fend for himself he would not have lasted long. Happily he's now safe and sound with Meriam. His eyes have been operated on and sewn closed, so he's ready to be part of a loving home. He is such an affectionate little lad. All Sukha wants is to be stroked, cuddled, and loved.

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