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{Female | 2 years old | In & Outdoor}
[OK with cats, dogs and children]
Ready to Travel: Now!
Meet the incredible Stella! She is sadly a rejected family pet who was dumped near a market in Tunis on a hot summer day.

When she was on the streets, Stella did something really remarkable which drew the attention of our RANA volunteer. Stella has a strong maternal instinct and as such would regularly attract abandoned kittens, which she would take her wing, nursing them and protecting. She was an incredible foster mama!

She was doing a great job, but not without some risk to herself - some local youths tried to hit here and sprayed her with pepper spray when she refused to let their dog get too close to her foster kittens. Enough was enough and Stella was rescued and neutered as part of RANA’s TNR programme. It's time this loving little cat finds the forever home that she deserves!

Stella is currently in boarding and is beginning to realise she is safe. Her character is coming out and she’s a strong, confident and playful mama who loves to be cuddle and fussed over, for which she’ll reward you with the best purrs!

Stella has gone through so much and is still only around 2 years old. She deserves her happy ever after. She’d be happy in a home with other friendly cats and dogs (with the right introductions) and she seems happy around younger children too (3 yrs upwards).

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