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{Female | 1 year old | Indoor}
Ready to Travel: Now!
Oria is super friendly and affectionate. She has beautiful orange eyes of which has an 'orb' in it which has been checked by the vet - they say it may be causing her some blurry vision although it's clearly not inhibiting her from the way she moves and jumps!

A local man came to rescuer Meriam's door with a mother cat and her four tiny kittens in a box. With over 100 cats and 20 dogs in her home Meriam told him she just didn't have the space right that second to take them and could he find someone else to look after them temporarily. He left. The next morning Meriam found the four kittens still in the box, on her doorstep. The mother had long gone which presented Meriam with even more work because she had to bottle feed the kittens every few hours. Despite her care, sadly one kitten didn't survive.

Oria's siblings are Verdante and Odile.

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