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{Male | 3 years old | In & Outdoor}
[OK with cats, dogs, & children]
Ready to Travel: Now!

Neji is Arabic for 'one who has escaped death'. Neji was so-named after rescuer Emna saw him lying on a pavement in Nabeul town centre. He had been hit by a car and was unconscious and bleeding. She recalls the moment she saw him: ‘At first sight, I thought he was dead, and I wanted to pick him up and bury him. But then I noticed there was a weak breath. I quickly stopped a taxi and rushed to the vet with him. The vet resuscitated Neji and took X-rays which showed that his right hind leg was broken. The vet kept him in and treated the fracture. When he was finally released, Neji needed special care and I took him to the vet every day for injections to help him heal, get stronger and walk again. After quite a few weeks of intensive care, Neji could move his leg and walk again, without my help!’

Neji is firing on all cylinders now! He is an independent boy who is full of character! He's playful, and fun with lots of energy. He currently lives with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. We think he'd be great with children given the right introductions. He is 3 years old and ready to fly now!

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