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{Female | 1.5 years old | Indoor/Outdoor}
Being prepared for travel, ready soon!

A tiny scrap of a kitten, just a couple of months old, with a broken leg and such a severe mouth infection that she couldn't eat and was starving to death on the pavement. She was so small and so insignificant that you wonder how many people will not even have noticed her, let alone stopped to help. Thankfully, for Molly, Meriam saw her. She has the lower part of her back leg amputated but this has not hindered her in any way. She's a bundle of energy and love and we want a very special home for her. She's got a bout a cat flu at the moment which is being treated with antibiotics. Molly is good with other cats, but she doesn't like dogs and is currently untested with young children. Her DOB is July 22.

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