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{Female | 3 years old | In & Outdoor}
[OK with calm dogs]
LOCATED IN UK - Ready for Adoption!

Lola is an incredibly sweet, loving, cuddly and chatty girl originally rescued off a military based in Mogadishu, Somalia. A first for our RANA team! She was going to be poisoned, along with her siblings, so we knew we had to do something to help.
Lola is very unique in that she has spots, not stripes in her tabby areas, as well as excellent eye liner around her pretty eyes. She also loves to answer your questions and has full on conversations with you.
She would prefer to be the only cat in the household, or with a laid back cat/ dog, she runs if chased and doesn't like boisterous behaviour from dogs (she just gets frightened). Calm dogs she tolerates fine.

She is quite gentle and although she hasn't be around small children, we think she would be ok with them. She has not scratched and seems to make strong bonds with the people she trusts. She is a real pleasure to have around. Lola's in foster in the UK at the moment and this is how her foster mum Natalie describes her - 'Lola loves food, her food, our food, anybody's food! She loves a cuddle and is now fast asleep on my lap. She will chat away and you'll think she's hungry when in fact, she just wants to jump on your lap for a cuddle or squeeze into the tiniest space to be next to you on the sofa!'

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