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{Female | 2.5 years old | Outdoor}
[Probably best as only cat or with kind cat]
Ready to Travel: Now!

Lina was rescued off of the streets by a couple who already had two dog rescues. Lina was not a fan of the dogs as they were quite loud and noisy, but she was best friends with another rescue cat Romeo. One day, our rescuer Samy found Romeo hit by a car in front of the couple's house, where she then came across Lina and offered to give the sweet cat a new life. Gentle little Lina is the sweetest with humans. She loves to cuddle and sleep under the covers in bed! She can be a bit of a coward in front of other cats as the strays used to steal her food and beat her up so it is best that she is either the only cat or with another cat that is very friendly and kind. She will tolerate dogs if they leave her alone!

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