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{Male | In & Outdoor}
[OK with cats, dogs, & children]

Hank loves dogs, he is great with cats too, he is lean, stupidly talkative and redonkiously clever.

He is truly amazing. One of a kind in every way. He is totally fearless, absolutely hilarious and just an all round sweet sweet boy, who runs along the counter top to give you the best head butt/rub!

He has very short hair as Hanky boy was rescued from Somalia. He was due to be poisoned on a Military base (along with his siblings) when some kind animal lovers went to the ends of the earth to get him out of there. They knew special when they saw it, and we know Hank was worth all the effort. It is very likely Hank has some Abyssinian or Savannah cat in him, but we will never know for sure.

Hank would love a garden and a home which is busy, with endless things to stimulate him. He loves children, dogs, other cats, anything and everything which is on the go. He currently lives with 4 dogs and a variety of cats aged from 14 down to a few weeks (depending on what has been collected from the street). He is great with them all, and fully respects the blind, disabled cat.

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