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{Male | 3 years old | Indoor/Outdoor}
Being prepared for travel, ready soon!

Gomez is such a stunning looking boy! And he is so friendly - he loves people and being made a fuss of. He's also great with other cats!
Gomez was a tiny kitten when he was seen hiding under the wheel arch of a car in a car park in Tunis. Not the safest spot to try and hide in, but luckily for him he was spotted and rescued before the car drove off. Gomez has been living with Meriam for a year now in an overcrowded room with 30 other cats - and we would love to find him his forever home. He's in good health overall but occasionally, once a month or so, his breathing quickens. The vet has diagnosed a mild
asthma which could be triggered by stress and his current environment.
He has no sneezing or mucus and does not need medication, and all other times he breathes normally.
Gomez is good with other cats and children.

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