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{Female | 2 years old Indoor}
[OK with children, cats & dogs]
Ready to Fly!

Elena was rescued from the streets as a tiny kitten in Nairobi, found cowering on the side of the road in the middle of a torrential rain storm. She was terrified and has sadly remained fearful of humans she doesn’t know ever since. She has been advertised in Kenya since June 2022 and no one wants her. She is an easy cat. She likes to do her own thing. You barely know she is there.
She loves dogs and is really happy around other cats, but being so timid is often bullied, but always wants to forgive them. You will often find her in the bed, curling up to the cat/dog who has just chased her. She was amazing at keeping new street finds company. Curling up with puppies and kittens, keeping them warm and safe, almost like this is what she needed so she ensures others have it. She loves nothing more than quietly finding your lap when you sit down on the sofa and curling up with you.
She doesn’t like being picked up, but is manageable to get to the vet. It is like she doesn’t want to be scared, but is always on guard from the trauma she received as a kitten. If there was one word to describe her it would be sweet. She just wants to be loved in her gentle, calm way. She has the cutest little face and does the sweetest little "non-meow" when she is hungry, just stands there meowing with no noise and then arches her back into strokes. She is terribly sweet.
With love and patience, she will grow to trust and her personality will shine. Please give Elena a chance!

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