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{Male | 11 months old | In & Outdoor}
[OK with cats, dogs, & children]
Ready to Travel: Soon!

Rescuer Najwa was on her way home from the vet when she heard a kitten crying loudly from a half-built house nearby. She recognised the distress in his cries and went to find him. When she did, she saw that his head was tilted to the side. Najwa decided then and there that she couldn’t just leave him. She took him home, and then straight to the vet as he also had problems swallowing. The vet diagnosed ostitis and treated him with antibiotics and vitamins. Happily, this gorgeous kitty is now 100% healthy but he does still have a slight head tilt. Bambou is a sweet, confident and affectionate little dude who’s happy around cats, dogs and children – he’s the full package!

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